A word about Solidea

Glamorous collections and cutting-edge technologies for superb, well-groomed legs

From over 40 years old, Solidea stands alongside all women who wish to take care of their own body and enhance its femininity.
The diligent efforts in the search for first choice yarns and materials, l'technological innovation incessant and the control quality followed have led Solidea to revolutionize the concept of elastic stockings and to offer stockings and tights collections fashionable with graduated compression that combine the well-being of the legs and effectiveness in the prevention of circulatory pathologies with the elegance, flexibility and perfect wearing of elegant and refined clothing, sought after in the rich proposal of models, designs and colors.

THE venous diseases, superficial or deep, affect more and more people, and younger and younger people, even because of very widespread errors: a sedentary lifestyle, smoking or an incorrect diet. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is essential for health and well-being, in general, but daily life sometimes imposes rhythms and fashions that lead us to neglect it.
To prevent the appearance of real pathologies and to safeguard the well-being and beauty of the legs, wearing graduated compression stockings is an excellent prevention without contraindications and at reduced costs.

Discover Solidea’s connected prevention!
It is important to protect your own legs, but without giving up the pleasure of wearing an accessory that has now become the protagonist of any outfit. Just browse the Solidea catalog to find ideal proposals for all tastes and all occasions and requirements.
Also, wearing graduated stockings and tights is no longer a mortification, but a pleasant and simple daily gesture that helps maintain well-being and prevent venous insufficiency without giving up your own style.