SILVER WAVE by Solidea Information

MICROMASSAGE MAGIC by SOLIDEA is a complete series of tightspanties patented elastics and armbands which combine an effective massage with regenerative compression, which rightly places them among the specific treatments against cellulite.
Clinical studies have demonstrated that the exclusive Cellulite Control system, carried out by the special three-dimensional wave conformation of the tissue, is effective, well tolerated and without contraindications. 

The clothing in the line exploits the body's natural movements to exert a beneficial micromassage on the skin and under the skin, stimulate microcirculation compromised by cellulite, prevent swelling and edema in the lower and upper limbs and promote diuresis, with The consequent elimination of fluids, which is the primary cause of the unsightly “orange peel”. 

The fabric exerts a micro-massage on the skin.

  •  It stimulates subcutaneous capillary circulation and improves blood circulation. 
  •  It stimulates subcutaneous lymphatic drainage.
  •  It visibly reduces the “dimples skin” effect.
Additional benefits:
  • Eliminates and prevents the formation of lactic acid, reducing muscle cramps.
  • The skin remains dry thanks to silver ions.
  • Exfoliates the skin for a softer feel.