Size Chart - Medical Tights


For an optimal function of the bottom, it is necessary to measure the limb correctly: it is advisable to consult a technician or a specialist able to carry out this type of measurement. These measurements are best taken in the morning when the legs are less edematous.


  • Ankle circumference (cB), where the ankle is thinnest. This point will be the place of maximum pressure.
  • Circumference of the leg at the highest point where the bottom will arrive; this point will change depending on the model:
    • the bottom going up to the groin and the tights: circumference of the point under the groin (cG);
    • the stocking reaching mid-thigh: circumference of the point halfway between the groin and the knee (cF);
    • knee-high: circumference of the point below the knee (cD).
  • The length is measured from the base of the foot (a) to the highest point where the bottom will arrive on the leg, therefore, it will be:
    • (lG) stockings under the groin and sticky;
    • (lF) the mid-thigh bottom;
    • (lD) knee-high.

The SOLIDEA stockings from the therapeutic line are made with high-tech and innovative yarns that keep their original original elasticity over time, which has revolutionized the concept of therapeutic stockings known on the market until now.

  • For legs that are not particularly edematous (without excessive swelling), it is also possible to use the WEIGHT / HEIGHT RATIO SIZE CHART to choose the correct size.
  • For legs with increased volume, refer to the circumference table. In this case, it is necessary to measure the circumferences of the leg at the aforementioned places.